In today’s highly regulated, competitive marketplace

every company is faced with strategic, financial, cybersecurity, operational and technological challenges. Successful organizations realize that the achievement of their strategic goals is dependent on successfully managing and mitigating risk, and providing assurance of this to all stakeholders.

Grant Thornton is well positioned to offer a Business Risk Services (BRS) to assist organizations in determining their exposure to various risks associated with operational, process and finance risks, as businesses attempt to create integrated and transparent risk management practices and move away from disconnected multiple risk functions. 

Grant Thornton's Business Risk Services (BRS) can provide the advice necessary to help you manage risk and improve your business performance. Our team can deliver objective, value-added solutions that will enable you to strengthen internal controls and governance processes, implement sound organizational strategies, increase technological capabilities and improve your operational efficiency. 

Our offering is well positioned to address the current needs of businesses and their risk management challenges. We are specialized in the fields of:

•    Technology audit, advisory and risk management
•    Enterprise risk management including operational, process and finance risk
•    Internal Control
•    Internal Audit
•    Corporate governance advisory, design and compliance
•    Business process re-engineering
•    Information security and data protection

Today's companies have enormous responsibilities. Grant Thornton understands that growing companies need guidance to help manage their businesses, establish robust internal controls, use information technology effectively and improve performance. We are dedicated to working with our clients to customize our approach to each assignment, while at all times delivering our core strengths of technical excellence and commercial focus, to support business improvement.

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