Legal, Tax Advisory and Accounting Services by Grant Thornton Legal and Tax LLC

Grant Thornton Legal and Tax LLC was founded in 2010 by spinning off the Legal and Tax departments of Grant Thornton Armenia into a separate business entity specialized in providing legal and tax advisory to its clients. In 2012 the Outsource Accounting department also separated from Grant Thornton Armenia and joined Grant Thornton Legal and Tax LLC.

Our clients benefit from both international and local professionals, who offer their in-depth knowledge of industry, local legislation and international law, international and local accounting principles, corporate finance and taxation.

Grant Thornton Legal and Tax renders professional services to its clients in three main categories: legal and tax advisory, as well as outsource accounting services. 

Our Legal & tax advisory

Legal advisory

Legal advisory involves a wide spectrum of corporate legal consultancy ranging from incorporation and liquidation matters, legal representation, litigation, ad-hoc legal advice, provision of legal opinions to execution of due diligence and structuring deals from a legal viewpoint.

Business process solutions

Our business process solutions team provides a range of services to support clients of all sizes, from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) through to the largest international businesses.

Tax advisory

We advise our clients on all aspects of corporate tax strategy development and tax planning, tax issues arising from formation or acquisition of a company and provide an overview of local and international perspectives.


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