Human capital is one of the most valuable and impactful assets of any business. Successful organizations undoubtedly know that investing into effective strategies, efficient management and employee experience will upscale their business onto a completely new quality.

Our human capital advisory services are designed to deliver the results you want throughout the entire lifecycle. Whatever your business objectives are, they need to be orchestrated and harmonized with all the elements of your business – starting with the human aspect, culture and processes that fuel growth.

We will listen attentively and work closely with you to explore the existing challenges and bring in an external perspective to help turn them into opportunities. Our services are substantiated by experience in various industries and include the following solutions:

Lilit Gevorgyan
Director - Human capital advisory
Lilit Gevorgyan
  • Your Strategic HR Partner: We will engage with your business in all stages of HR strategy and action plan development. Whether you are going through reorganization or an M&A, our strategic advisory will support you in designing or tailoring strategies, structures and processes, managing change and building an awesome employer brand.
  • Your Business transformed: At today’s pace, transformation of business processes is an imperative. Whether you are looking to make most of your data or achieve operational efficiency, we will help you automate people operations, learning, data analytics, as well as advise on available digital solutions or outsource options.
  • Your People perfect solutions: Talent management is one of the most intricate and exciting human capital areas. From the right job profiling to talent acquisition, through facilitation of talent learning to development of corporate culture, employee motivation, performance evaluation and rewards management, we will support you in designing and implementing solutions for an exceptional employee experience.
  • Your solid HR infrastructure: Is your human capital playing a key role in your growth plans? If so, you will need to be absolutely sure about the strength of your infrastructure. Whether you are looking to setup the HR function or redesign the HR domain, we will perform HR audit and operational reviews to identify the gaps, and support you in putting relevant policies and structures in place.