Legal advisory involves a wide spectrum of corporate legal consultancy.

1     Corporate Law

All services are designed, but not limited to the provision of full legal support to clients in all areas of:

  • Registration and liquidation;
  • Reorganization and restructuring;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Corporate governance, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, by-laws and articles of incorporation, other corporate documentation;
  • Securities and security market issues.

2     Civil and Commercial Law

The Company’s clients, multi-national, local and foreign companies, entities in private and public sector, as well as individuals enjoy highest quality services as regards:

  • Negotiation support;
  • Transactions and contracts;
  • Representation, including ADR and court representation;
  • Trademarks, copyright and patents;
  • Loans, collaterals and pledge;
  • Construction and real estate;
  • Joint activities and ventures;
  • Antitrust and competition;
  • International private law and conflict of law issues.

3     Labor and Employment

The Company offers clients an extensive suite of legal services in labor/employment area, including services in connection with:

  • Hiring and dismissal;
  • Job passports, personnel list;
  • Labor/employment contracts;
  • Trade unions and collective agreements;
  • Employer’s compliance with the labour law requirements;
  • Internal rules, legal acts and procedures;
  • Employees’ personal data protection;
  • Work safety rules.

4     Legal Due Diligence and Compliance

The Company’s services help clients take full advantage of internationally accepted guidelines, thereby maximizing benefits, capitalising on opportunities and gaining competitive advantage. The offered services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive review aimed at legal evaluation of a target entity;
  • Identification of legal risks and contingent liabilities;
  • Development of recommendations for the purposes of elimination and/or mitigation of the identified legal risks.

5     Ad Hoc Legal Consulting and Ongoing Legal Support

These services inter alia include:

  • Provision of legal opinions;
  • Thorough reports on legal environment;
  • Facts of the case analyses and legal recommendations;
  • Outsourced ongoing legal support, including provision of ongoing updates on the latest legislative changes or draft laws affecting the clients’ operations.

6     Legislation and Policy Regulation Development

The Company experts readily share their extensive experience in:

  • Drafting of laws, other legal acts and development of concept papers;
  • Expertise of existing regulations;
  • Research of the best international practices;
  • Development of recommendations and drafting of amendments based on the revealed improvement needs;
  • Participation in and leading of working groups;
  • Organization of stakeholders’ consultations and hearings.

7     Licenses, Permits and Certification

The Company always caters for its clients’ needs providing inter alia:

  • Support to filing applications and preparation of the set of the required documentation;
  • Representation and assistance in negotiations with respective state authorities;
  • Compliance review to license/permit conditions.

8     Associated services

Our clients are offered a wide variety of associated services, such as:

  • Independent escrow agent services;
  • Independent review of delivered goods and services;
  • Investigations through public registries records on registered rights, property, interest participations and intellectual property;
  • Legal address hosting services;
  • Secretarial services and depositing of corporate documents.