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Celebrating Excellence: “հայrate” Awards Recognize Armenia's Most Attractive Employers According to Student Choices

The 'հայrate' award ceremony, held on January 26, celebrated the most attractive employers in Armenia based on students' preferences, as revealed in a comprehensive survey conducted among them.

For the third consecutive year, this initiative has been undertaken through the collaborative efforts of Grant Thornton Armenia and the Armenian HR Association. The primary objective is to highlight the appeal of employers among young individuals entering the workforce. Over the years, the award ceremony has solidified its place as a unique event within the annual calendar of the human resources community, significantly contributing to the development of employer-university relations.

Approximately 1,000 students from leading higher education institutions in Armenia participated in the survey, openly expressing their opinions and naming the most attractive employer of 2023, irrespective of the industry.

Notably, this year, numerous organizations were cited by students, accompanied by explanations for their choices. The organizers considered not only the award ceremony itself but also the evolving perceptions of different companies among students as valuable research material.

During the ceremony, the names of the top 10 companies that received the highest number of votes were announced. The organization with the most votes in the "most attractive employer" category was singled out and presented with an award.

Thus, Digitain, Pixart, Ameriabank, Soft Construct, Central Bank, Synopsis, Ardshinbank, Inecobank, Service Titan, and Viva-MTS were among the organizations that secured top positions.

Lilit Gevorgyan, Director - Human capital advisory at Grant Thornton Armenia, remarked, "Grant Thornton has been spearheading the 'հայrate' initiative in collaboration with the Armenian HR Association for three years now, becoming one of the most anticipated rankings in the Armenian labor market. Congratulations to the attractive employers recognized in this year's survey. Many organizations exert considerable efforts to attract young talents, and 'հայrate' provides a unique assessment of these endeavors."

Arpi Karapetyan, the president of the Armenian HR Association, expressed, "Today, it is safe to say that 'հայrate' has solidified its importance as both a research initiative and an event, underscoring the necessity of connecting youth with employers over the past three years. The Armenian HR Association places great importance on the work conducted in the realm of employer branding, as it directly reflects the main issues of the sector and outlines developmental directions. Each year, we strive to deliver more comprehensive and in-depth research results in collaboration with our partners."

The event, attended by representatives from relevant state bodies, higher education institutions, partners, participating organizations, and students, received high praise. Participants acknowledged the initiative's importance, emphasizing that 'հայrate' provides Armenian employers with the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of their strategies and identify new avenues for attracting young talents.

The event reiterated the necessity of maintaining communication between students and employers, underscoring the significance of 'հայrate' as an effective means of facilitating and highlighting this communication.

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