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Grant Thornton Consulting CJSC – the only Armenian approved service provider within the Dubai Cyber Force Program

Grant Thornton Consulting CJSC (Armenia) is proud to announce its accreditation as one of the first service providers approved within the esteemed Dubai Cyber Force Program. This groundbreaking initiative, established through a collaboration between CREST and the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), marks a significant milestone in enhancing cybersecurity standards and fostering innovation in the region.

The Dubai Cyber Force Program, initiated under the Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark), aims to elevate cybersecurity practices by providing approved service providers and qualified individuals with enhanced access to Dubai's cybersecurity market. This initiative facilitates engagement with the Dubai government, semi-government, and critical information infrastructure (CII), bolstering efforts to fortify digital defenses and safeguard sensitive data. In its initial phase, the program will focus on certifying companies and individuals offering Penetration Testing and Incident Response services.

Nick Benson, CEO of CREST, expressed his congratulations to the inaugural cohort of approved service providers, emphasizing their demonstrated expertise and commitment to protecting Dubai's cybersecurity landscape. He stated, "CREST is delighted to continue our collaboration with DESC and welcomes this very tangible step in building a strong Dubai cybersecurity market. The initiative is a key part of CREST’s mission to drive consistent international standards for the delivery of cyber services and provide greater assurance back to cyber-buying communities." 

Dr Bushra Al Blooshi, Head of Research and Innovation at Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) said: “At DESC, our commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the Dubai Cyber Force Program, supporting our mandate in ensuring that the right quality of service is provided for government, semi-government, and Critical Information Infrastructure organizations. Moreover, giving a better open access platform for the service providers to offer their services to the government of Dubai.”

Vladislav Muradyan, Partner, Cyber, Risk and Technology services at Grant Thornton Consulting CJSC (Armenia), expressed excitement about the accreditation, highlighting the new opportunities it presents for the firm's cybersecurity practice. He stated, " Grant Thornton Armenia is CREST accredited company since 2017 and now we are thrilled to be onboard the first few cybersecurity service provider firms accredited under the Dubai Cyber Force initiative. This accreditation will surely open new business horizons for Grant Thornton Armenia and create new opportunities for our cyber practice. In the meantime, the accreditation is a recognition of the competence, professional expertise, and quality of our work, and the commitment of our team at Grant Thornton to create exceptional experiences for our clients."

Grant Thornton Armenia looks forward to leveraging its accreditation within the Dubai Cyber Force Program to further strengthen its cybersecurity offerings and contribute to the resilience of Dubai's digital infrastructure.

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