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Grant Thornton Armenia announces exclusive partnership with Himnark

As part of its human capital advisory services strategy, Grant Thornton Armenia announces an exclusive partnership with Himnark, joining the market’s best advisory capability and technological solutions to bring the client’s HR management experience onto a whole new level.

Under this partnership, Grant Thornton Armenia invests into development of a unique technological solution, on the basis of the existing HR & payroll solution – Himnark People.

Himnark People is a made-in-Armenia cloud all in one HR & Payroll platform that allows the business to focus on people and have more time through automation of routine. Thanks to its cloud architecture, the system is accessible from anywhere and any device, giving full freedom to manage this aspect of the business wherever and whenever. Under this exclusive partnership, Himnark People is powered with an employee self-service application called Himnark Workplace.

Gurgen Hakobyan, CEO of Grant Thornton Consulting, comments: “Now, more than ever, the world has unanimously focused on two aspects: people and technology. Whether the business agenda is about managing the current crisis, transforming the operations or planning for growth, people are a top priority at all times. In the meantime, technology has rapidly stepped up to help business re-align operations, communication and management. Our experience with advising businesses on strategic aspects of HR management, comes to second this statement and that is what lies in the roots of our partnership. Himnark People is a great solution for any organization, regardless of size or industry of operation. It serves for the benefit of people, HR team and the leadership, allowing effective management of data, time and resource”.

Himnark Workplace is an employee self-service solution, accessible via web and mobile (Android and iOS). It is designed to:

  • Help people manage their data and communication with management
  • Help the HR team communicate effectively and have more time to focus on people
  • Help the management improve engagement and increase efficiency.


Ruben Osipyan, CEO and co-founder of Himnark, says: “We established Himnark to provide a user-friendly solution to the Armenian business that will enable easy, cost-efficient management of payroll and certain HR aspects of their activity. With our partnership with Grant Thornton, we are introducing new capabilities to the HR component. The employee self-service application is currently in development and many exciting features will be introduced at the official launch. Meanwhile, we can sneak peek at some of them, such as user access to their full employment data and record, automation of communication and paperwork, that take up so much valuable time. Time that can otherwise be used for creative, growth-oriented work”.

Trading under the single name of Himnark People, the enhanced solution is scheduled for official launch in September 2020. As a subscription based service, that does not entail heavy licensing and maintenance costs, Himnark People can be used immediately after subscription, freeing time for development. Grant Thornton’s professional advice is available to organizations while prioritizing and focusing on the development areas of their human capital management.

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For questions and enquiries, please contact:

Ms. Ani Hakobyan 

Head of Marketing

T +374 10 260 964

F +374 10 260 961

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