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Grant Thornton Armenia

Discover your potential

Grant Thornton signifies the potential of youth and is committed to encourage youth and their professional development. The company has a stable cooperation history with educational institutions in Armenia and within this cooperation a number of young students every year are provided with the opportunity to gain tangible work experience and practice.

Grant Thornton regularly hosts student interns, seeking to fulfill course requirements and acquire practical skills. On average each internship lasts 4-12 weeks. The company provides them with respective technical resources, allocates specialists to provide support and training to interns. Upon completion of the internship those students, whose performance has been assessed as highly satisfactory, often are offered with employment opportunities.

In November 2021 Grant Thornton Armenia opened the doors of Grant Thornton Academy to the students with strong academic performance, who have always dreamed of making a difference.

This program is about great opportunities, solid knowledge, innovative approaches and, of course, about meeting great people.
If you:

• are 4th year and master’s degree student at a university,
• have at least GPA of 3.0,
• successfully pass the initial professional assessment,
• have good grasp of spoken and written English.

…we are waiting for you to see at our Grant Thornton Academy.

Type: Paid internship for auditors

Duration: 4 months

Please send your CVs to