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Asia Pacific feels the impact of BEPS

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: Asia Pacific feels the impact

The Asia Pacific region is one of huge diversity; culturally, geographically and economically. Japan is a world leader in the automotive and technology sectors and a member of the G7. Singapore is a global financial centre that rivals London and New York. And Australia and New Zealand are sometimes considered as a region in their own right.

Interestingly, only four countries from this expansive region are members of the OECD. But, key economies such as China and India have indicated that they plan to adopt key elements of OECD recommendations into legislation.

This guide provides an overview from a number of key countries and highlights significant changes and insights for businesses operating in the region.

What effect will BEPS have to daily business operations?

How likely is it that all elements will be imported into local legislation?

When will your business be impacted by BEPS?

Are there any specific industries that will be impacted more?

How can you prepare your business?

Talk to your local firm about how Grant Thornton can help your organisation prepare for the requirements set out in the OECDs BEPS Action Plan.